Excellent Usages for LED Signage

Excellent Usages for LED Signage

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Transform your business from a drab and anonymous place to an easily recognizable and distinguishable establishment. LED signs are great advertising tools that indicate the existence of a certain establishment, sometimes becoming the focal point of the building or structure where it is located.

Electronic signs are quickly catching up to today's technology which means that owners can effortlessly change the message or information with just a click of a button. Dynamic full color LED signs are quickly replacing neon signs and other traditional forms of advertising like static billboards and newspapers.


      We want YOU to increase business!

Government and the Military can get more exposure to its citizens using a LED Sign. Public Announcements? Poll Results? Extend the reach of each ad through bright LED signs visible much further than a regular banner.

An LED sign within a school can provide numerous advantages. Customized messages allow the school to pour out information regardless of time. Announcements, Events, Holidays, and much more information can be distributed throughout the day in style.

Worship time? Check. Special Event? Check. With our Programmable LED Display, display with ease worship times, notification of special events, any changes to the schedule with ease.


Billboards are spread throughout the streets, standing in stillness for all potential customers to see. Reach those that commute every day, as well as those that pass by occasionally with a LED Digital Billboard! Your programmable LED board will give you the instant exposure you desire, with clarity, size, and elegance!

Investing in a LED Sign isn't simply a great solution; it's a step-forward to attracting more customers to your location faster. With the capability to change messages quickly, adjusting your sign to display your institution's promotions and services can be done with simplicity.
1. Promote new checking, saving, and loans day or night
2. Alert customers on upcoming events

Have an early bird special you want to promote? How about a dinner special? Quickly display the various specials with a LED Sign. Not only are our LED Signs bright and cost-effective, you will be able to switch around messages to attract hungry customers into your store quickly and effectively.

Keep up with the fast-paced community with a forward-thinking action. Our signs can help you keep up with the ever-changing community, with programmable messages, videos, and images. Need to advertise a sale? Need to promote a certain car? Rainbow Hi - Tech will help you display your thoughts in an eye-catching fashion.

LED Signs are the most cost-effective form of advertising. Research has shown that an LED sign can increase your sales 15% to 150%. A Digital LED Sign is out there for all to see, whereas newspaper ads, magazines, and radio advertisements are strictly limited to those who read the newspaper, magazines, or listen to the radio.

It is very easy to maximize the promotional effectiveness of LED signs without spending thousands of dollars on advertising and marketing. Lighted signs can easily catch the roving eyes of potential customers just with its bright animations and entertaining illuminations.

Serve the public by sharing relevant information with your electronic signs. LED signs make it easy to communicate with the public as it can reach a wide audience in just a matter of minutes.