Reasons To Go With A Proven Leader

Top 10 Reasons To Choose Rainbow Hi - Tech

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Rainbow Hi - Tech LED Message Boards and Message Centers transmit variable messages while customers pass by, allowing for a higher flexibility in communication with your public. Our LED signs will provide your business the visibility for any commercial activity, during the day and at night.

It is a fact that sliding texts catch human eye's attention 10 times more than a traditional static sign.

The great flexibility in our offerings of bright LED display will allow you to advertise products and special offers and at the same time broadcast information of public interest or seasonal display. Our LED signs will make your commercial activity immediately recognizable within the city's panorama.

Illuminated signs are the most accessible promotional tool for many dealers and entrepreneurs that do not want to spend too much money in a traditional advertising campaign. LED bright signs are the most effective and less expensive advertising form for the small and medium businesses.
Below are some more strong reasons to chose a proven leader when it comes to purchase of your LED Sign.

#1 We Are The Manufacturer
Rainbow Hi - Tech is able to create your sign in any size or color configuration. We manufacture the widest range of LED Exterior Message Boards and Interior Message Centers. Our LED signs are available in a multitude of colors, sizes, and resolutions. Our manufacturing facility based here in Detroit Michigan USA is able to install your project from idea to install. We specialize in Retrofits, Pole Installs, Wall Mounts, Monument Style, Custom and Corporate Sign work.

#2 Economical
Because we are the manufacturer we are able to pass on significant savings to both our clients and customers. Our Showroom, Design Center, Fabrication Shop and Installation Department are centrally located in Detroit Michigan and allow for efficient and orderly processing of your signs project. We use only the highest quality of materials and provide an industry standard warranty in addition to our certificate of Professional Completion.

#3 Experience
Our factory trained installers, technicians and engineers represent well over 75 years of professional experience. Our staff are regularly trained and updated in the changing field of sign design. We specialize in the procurement of permits and variance meetings to get your sign installed quickly and professionally.

#4 Pioneer
Rainbow Hi - Tech leads the industry in the field of LED Technology. Our LED signs are the latest result of innovative and consumer based, cutting edge research and development. We offer new Frameless LED Message Boards that offer the highest viewing angle for the dollar on the market. In addition to our large selection of exterior Framed and Frameless Message Boards we have interior Message Centers to dress up any window with advertized specials and promotions.

#5 International Reputation
Rainbow Hi - Tech provides sales and support to international markets requiring effective LED signage solutions. Canada to Puerto Rico, Rainbow Hi - Tech has maintained a presense in developing regions of the globe and continues to increase market share and brand awareness with our product line of Time and Temperature Panels, LED Signs, and LED Gas Price Changers. All of our products are user friendly and work on US and European voltage.

#6 Professional Experience
Have an early bird special you want to promote? How about a dinner special? Quickly display the various specials with a LED Sign. Not only are our LED Signs bright and cost-effective, you will be able to switch around messages to attract hungry customers into your store quickly and effectively.

#7 Superior Support
In addition to a quality install, Rainbow Hi - Tech also offers superior support for the installation and proper running of software used for your LED Message systems. Our software is user friendly. We offer both phone and online support for trouble-shooting if the need occurs. Our Dealer Representastives in the field are able to resolve technical questions that may arise.

#8 Strongest Warranty

We stand by our product and offer the industry strongest warranty on our professional install and signs reliability. Our 5 year limited warranty provides coverage for your sign and any labor for needed for repairs. We are usually dispatched within 24 to 48 hours of a notification of trouble for a location. Our response technicans are the best in their field and will get you back online quickly and without stretched out downtime.

#9 Free Consultations
Our sales representatives are able to arrive and provide field measurements of your location. We provide free consultation on getting your signs project underway with friendly and knowledgeable staff. Most quotes and proposals are able to be presented within 48 to 72 hours of an arrival. We help eliminate the guesswork with your signs upgrade or installation.

#10 One Stop Shop
Rainbow Hi - Tech can take your drawing and digitally recreate the artwork and install your sign professionally to grow your business. We have a team of designers that create artwork to represent the right look for your location. We take care of all permits and municipal paperwork and allow you to manage other aspects of your business. We provide Awnings, Banners, Magnetic Decals, Open Signs and more to Advertize your business to match your budget.